Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 162 — Floorscape Rothko

When thinking up titles for photos I often use art references, however it has just occurred to me that I may have taken this shot with that Rothko reference unconsciously in mind. Have I been prompted all these years to pick up the camera and snap through recognizing shape, color and tone from decades of exposure to fine art and photography? Is it this that makes a shadow on the ground mesmerizing to me? I'm beginning to think it is! I know that, quite consciously, I'll see a potential shot that resembles a Paul Strand composition, for example, and try to recapture it, but now I think I am am acting more abstractly, breaking images down to basic shapes etc. I suppose when I title a Floorscape as Les Demoiselle D'Avignon we'll have the answer.

Nikon D7000 (Nikkor 18-200) 1/50, f3.8, ISO 1250, 22mm

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